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About VSG Commander RI Registered IT Professional
Registered IT Professional

Since 2004 Van Steenderen has been enrolled in the Dutch Counsel for Registered IT Professionals VRI and has been a member of the NGI.

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Registered IT Professionals (RI):

  1. The RI must be always recognizable.
  2. The RI needs to be aware of the results of his actions to the community in general.
  3. The RI will act in the best interest of his client.
  4. The RI has a continuous focus on providing or achieving quality services, contributions or result.
  5. The RI will use all data or information obtained in the course of the contract confidentially and use it only for the purpose for which it was intended.
  6. The RI should act under a contract in a way that his conduct is continuously testable as such.
  7. The RI should act in such a way that it should not harm the reputation of his profession and or his professional colleagues.
  8. The RI should not work towards the creation of information systems or an application with a preconceived intentions or that what might harm the public interest or is in conflict with the law.
  9. The RI should be aware of the limits of his knowledge and skills in the performance of his profession.
  10. The RI should seek continuous education to maintain development in the field where he considers himself as an expert.